Exhibit: Duet & Duality - A Driving Force for Mike Elsass

Tuesday, October 03, 2023
Woodbourne Library
Library Lobby

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Mike Elsass is an internationally-recognized artist with paintings in more than 2,000 private collections. He is well known as a creative force in the Dayton art community, having inspired a movement of creative resurgence.  

……color – black and white; paper - metal; thought out – spontaneous; challenged – healthy; alive – transitioned; new – repurposed; individual – community; alone – collaboration; artist – mentor/coach; industrial – organic; diminish – evolve; harmony – diversity; sharp - smooth ….  

These are just a few of the contrasts that stimulate the creativity that is Mike Elsass.  These contrasts become a study in ‘Duet and Duality’ brought to life through this nationally revered artist’s work.

Inspired by the use of recycled metal coupled with a wide array of repurposed materials, Mike creates unconventional art while inspiring others to spontaneously do the same.  Mike finds art in everything and everyone he encounters – and his work celebrates the harmony and diversity he sees.

During the September exhibit you can experience Mike’s ‘Duet and Duality’ philosophy through Mike’s pieces displayed throughout the library including this Ira inspired alive – transitioned collaboration. 

Inspired?  Discover your own ‘Duet and Duality’ through Mike’s Brush before Brain class.

Event Type(s): Exhibit
Age Group(s): All Ages
Debe Dockins
(937) 610-4429